an illustrated family tree in 5 minutes

With Geneagram, you don't have to wait weeks for a hand-drawn family tree from an illustrator. You can create it yourself, in a few clicks and online.

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Family tree that will delight your family and friends

With Geneagram you will really enjoy creating your family trees.
  • you can prepare a family tree literally in a few minutes
  • you can choose from several different family tree templates
  • you can easily print the pedigree at home
  • possibility to customize the pedigree (font, font size, colors, etc.)
  • we prepare new templates on a regular basis

How does Geneagram work?



Sign up and log in.

Choose a family tree template

Choose the template you like

Fill data

Enter data into the template using a GEDCOM file or manually one ancestor at a time

Final adjustments

Play around with the pedigree settings, download the finished pedigree and print it out.


1 family tree = 1 credit

Choose your currency
1 family tree

15 $

  • 15 $ / family tree
4 family trees

40 $

  • 10 $ / family tree
10 family trees

80 $

  • 8 $ / family tree
All prices are final. We do not pay VAT.
The credit is valid for 6 months.

Because of the free template, you can fully test Geneagram without paying any credits. Just sign up and try it out.

Frequently asked questions

Of course! Once you make one family tree, you can edit it at will and re-generate the PDF at any time.

Credits have unlimited validity. Just use them when you need them :)

Yes, but the rule is that 1 pedigree = 1 credit. You don't pay for the template, you pay for the pedigree. For example, if you want to have 4 different pedigrees, then you will need 4 credits.

You have 5 lines in each label. We recommend using them for: first name, last name, occupation for a man or date and place of marriage for a woman, date and place of birth and date and place of death. But exactly what you write on each line is up to you.

The resulting PDF is ready for printing in A2 format at 300DPI. You can print your family tree at home or at your nearest copy centre.

The credit is deducted when a new pedigree is established. Once you have a pedigree, you do not need any more credit and can edit it as you wish. For example, you can use one pedigree for multiple ancestors with virtually no work.

Nothing happens, you don't necessarily need the GEDCOM file. In fact, you can create your family tree and enter your ancestor's information manually, without the need for any other genealogy software.

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Growing genealogical community

In addition to family tree templates, you will find a community of other amateur and professional genealogists in the Geneagram. You have the opportunity to edit your personal profile and show other people what you can do, what you can help with or what you are looking for.

Inside you will also find the option to enter your search surnames that you are looking for in your research. You may find common ancestors with someone in our community through this open surname search database. Who knows?

Who we are

Lukáš Havlíček - programmer and Geneagram founder

Lukáš Havlíček

„I am a web programmer with passion for genealogy. I have combined my two hobbies together and together created this portal because most services cannot offer nice enough family tree templates, which we are trying to change. Since 2017 I am a member of the Czech Genealogical and Heraldic Society. Besides genealogy, I am also an enthusiastic beekeeper and when I have a moment of time, I like to wander in the world of artificial intelligence.“

Create your family tree for free

Sign up and fill out a sample template completely free and without conditions. No credit card needed.

Immediately after registration you will become part of a community of amateur and professional genealogists. And that's worth a try, isn't it?